PetEase CBD Oil for Pets

PetEase CBD Oil is powered by CBD-rich hemp oil derived from American grown industrial hemp. Our CBD is extracted from the whole plant (stalks and seed) using CO2 extraction, a safe, toxin-free method yielding high concentrations of phytocannabinoids such as CBD and other beneficial bio-active compounds.

• Whole plant extraction for added wellness benefits
• Zero THC, non-psychoactive, safe side effect profile
• Solvent free extraction, non-GMO, gluten free
• Quality and consistent processing
• Independent third party testing
• High in Essential Fatty Acids
• Coconut Oil “superfood” benefits

Directions: Use the dropper to administer PetEase CBD Oil 2x/day on an empty stomach; either by placing under your pet’s tongue (maximum absorption), dropping onto a small absorbent piece of biscuit or bread, or by adding to your pet’s food. If they are unwilling or unable to take orally, you can administer by rubbing on the hair-free underside of your pet’s ears.

Suggested Dosage for 250mg PetEase.  (Cut dosage in half using 500mg PetEase):

Weight                                           Dosage

Up to 25 lbs                                     .25 ml
25-50 lbs                                          .50 ml
50-75 lbs                                          .75 ml
75-100 lbs                                       1.00 ml
Over 100 lbs                                   1.25 ml
1 dropper = 1 ml

You know your pet best, so please adjust the dosage as needed, giving the minimum amount needed to achieve optimal results. Shake well before use. Store away from light and heat. As with all supplements, consult your veterinarian prior to use.

PetEase CBD Oil - Natural - 1oz 250mg

PetEase CBD Treats for Dogs and Cats - Chicken - 10mg 30 ct

PetEase CBD Oil - Natural - 1oz 500mg

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