Helping Your Pets Avoid Stress

Stress impacts the daily lives of people for many reasons. Whether due to illness, work, anxiety, or family matters, stress can drastically reduce quality of life. Pets can be equally impacted by stress in their lives. If your pet has separation anxiety, is afraid of loud noises, or doesn’t like unfamiliar places, you can bet that it is experiencing stress. Read on to learn how to help your pets avoid stress.

The truth is that animals are far less able to rationalize, manage, and control their stress than people are. A holiday get-together may be a perfect time to celebrate for you and your loved ones, but it can be more stressful for your cat or dog who doesn’t know what to think about all the people and excitement. It is our duty as pet owners to help mitigate this stress for our pets just like we would with any other family member.

Fortunately, it’s not difficult for you to help your favorite home buddies when they are feeling stressed or to prevent them from having these feelings. Here are some tips to make them feel happy and comfortable regardless of their situation.

Have Treats Available

Who doesn’t like treats? Your pets love them and keeping a stockpile of their favorites is a great way to calm them when stressful situations happen. By encouraging your pet with the psychology of “positive action = reward” during stressful situations, you can teach them that remaining calm even when stressed leads to good things – treats! If the presence of many people stresses your pet, you might even have your friends and family reward treats for socializing. This will teach your pet to associate positive feelings with company instead of stressful ones.

Create a Stress-Free Place of Rest

Loud noises, crowds, and other environmental factors can all leave your cat or dog feeling uneasy. It is helpful to create a secure place for them to retreat to and feel comfortable. A cage, crate, or den with a covered top is the ideal. It is important that your pet not be disturbed or antagonized when resting here, so that they grow to feel safe and comfortable when resting there. This gives them an outlet when they feel the need to remove themselves from stressful situations. For thunderstorms, parties, or other overstimulating events, you may want to darken the room, add soothing background music, or leave them their favorite toy.

Take Advantage of CBD

It’s no secret that CBD oil can help relieve stress and anxiety in humans. But, are you aware that it can do the same for your pet? This is because all mammals, whether humans or pets, have identical endocannabinoid systems. CBD influences the endocannabinoid system by helping to reduce stress-causing hormones. Giving your pet CBD 20-30 minutes before a storm or party can help calm them before it happens, allowing them to lead a less stressful life.

These are just some of the things you can do to help your pets avoid stress and anxiety. Among these tips, you may find that offering CBD is the most consistently effective!