Pet:  Ting Ting, 14 year old German Shepherd/Doberman mix

Issues: Pain

“Ting Ting, our 14 year old German Shepherd/Doberman mix, suffered a torn ACL, but at her age we decided not to do surgery. After using Rimadyl for some time, we were worried about her kidney and liver function, so our dog walker Joanne suggested trying PetEase CBD.  Over the course of about 2 weeks we could notice the difference in her walk and general health. She can now get up and off her bed quickly and easily, whereas before it was a struggle. She also started coming upstairs at night to our bedroom, which she hadn’t done in a while, her walks have become much longer too!  Her mobility has clearly improved and we’re very pleased. We also checked with the vet about the use of CBD and were told it is safe and can be very helpful.”

Person:  Jeanne M.

Issues: Anxiety

I have been using the gummies daily for the past 3 weeks. They are a game changer with my anxiety symptoms!! I take prescription medication at night but never fully felt the edge taken off until now. Thank you 🙂!”

Person:  Christina B.

Issues: Nerve Pain

“I have multiple sclerosis and get significant nerve related pain on the right side of my body, especially in my right leg. I hate taking pharmaceuticals…..but never tried CBD.  I decided to go to a local natural food store for any natural anti-inflammatory I could get my hands on. And poof! there it was!! PeopleEase CBD oil at the TipTop Natural Foods store in Brookfield, MA.  Within 30 minutes of spraying that stuff in my mouth I felt the best thing on Earth. Relief!! I couldn’t believe it! It was doing naturally what nerve pain pills and muscle relaxers could do but without side effects.”  Thank you!  You have a great product and have gained a customer!”

Person:  Ashley P.

Issues: Stress

“I wanted to let you know how much I LOVED the CBD Gummies!  When I first saw them, I’m like “Oh yummy, gummies!”  The surprise was that these gummies helped me.  I couldn’t believe it.  The next morning I took two, went to work, and wow did this help me tremendously!  I could fully concentrate at work and at the times I would feel the most stressed, I didn’t feel it.  I did a little test too, I didn’t purchase anymore after I finished the second bag because I wanted to see if it really had an effect on me, and low and behold it did.  I need to make my next order asap!  What I also love about the gummies is that they are homemade and have natural ingredients.  Big plus.  I will be ordering more!  Again, thank you for making these, so good and helpful.”

Pet: Haley, 11 year old Border Collie

Issues: Pain

Parent: Kristin E.

“We tried many medications (Adequan shots, Rimadyl (prior to discovering the liver ailments), Dermaxx, Tramadol, Xanax, Liver Support Pills, Milk Thistle, and more) with little success for my dog Haley. I have been using PetEase CBD Oil for about 2 months to help with pain related to her leg/hip injuries and have seen some GREAT results. She has underlying liver disease so we have to be careful with any med we put her on, and was also having appetite issues. Since using CBD Oil, we have seen an increase in her appetite & mobility, and although we didn’t try it for her fear issues related to sound etc., she definitely is calmer on this remedy too!”

Pet: Xena, 12 1/2 year old German Shepherd

Issues: Vestibular Disease

Parent: Donna

“The week before Christmas she suddenly couldn’t walk. She was stumbling and falling and her legs were just giving out. Then I realized her head was tilted and her eyebrows were twitching, which are signs of Vestibular Disease; a trip to the vet confirmed this. She slowly started getting a bit better but still had no appetite from being dizzy and nauseous. My pet sitter suggested trying PetEase so I ordered some. The next day after starting her on some she started doing so much better. Her appetite came back and she is walking much better too. Now a few weeks later she still has a bit of head tilt but otherwise is doing pretty well. Her appetite is still off and on though but whenever I give her PetEase it picks right up. I’m so glad I decided to give PetEase a try.”

Pet: Ani, 12 year old Pug

Issues: Disc issues

Parent: Beth H.

“My 12 year old pug Ani has been having disc issues since the fall of 2016 which causes her to have rear leg weakness. I have tried everything from acupuncture and water therapy and every med possible. NSAIDS worked for a while but then gave her stomach problems. As a last resort, I tried steroids which almost killed her. A friend actually recommended CBD oil and after doing much research decided to try it. After a few days, I noticed a difference. Her atrophy was improving and she seemed like she had more energy. She is now gaining weight and her atrophy has improved.  I have seen the best results using this product and Ani has a chiropractor to help too! And the best part….no side effects. Thank you Pet Ease, thank you! ”

Pet: Halle, 14 1/2 year old Toy Poodle

Issues: Mobility and Lack of appetite

Parent: Liz P.

“Little Halle (7 pounds), at 141/2 years old, was beginning to show weakness in her back legs.  She was no longer dancing like a show poodle.  Within four days of taking PetEase CBD Oil, her gait was normal and she was standing on her hind legs again.  It was a miracle!  In addition, her appetite was the best it’s been after years of struggling to tempt her to eat.  This is a fantastic product that I highly recommend.”

Pet: Jillow, 14 year old Sheltie

Issues: Painful mobility

Parent: Barry F.

“Jillow limped for years despite taking Metacam daily. Since PetEase CBD Oil use, there has been a noticeable lessening of the limp and she also appears to have more energy despite being 14 years old. I do not like to miss a dose, as I really believe it is helping.”

Pet: Tiger, Domestic Shorthair

Issues: Aggression

Parent: Kelly M.

“Tiger had aggression issues with the other kitties in his foster home. His foster mom tells us: “He has not had a single outburst since starting the CBD! He usually mounts one cat in particular several times a day, pinning him, biting on his neck and is a general grouch. Other than some occasional hisses, he has been MUCH more relaxed.”

Pet: Clementine, 8 year old French Bulldog

Issues: Anxiety & Back Pain

Parent: Christine J.

“Clementine has always had tremendous fear and anxiety around strangers especially when anyone comes to our house. She barks constantly and is very afraid of loud noises as well. She also has had ongoing back issues that are common with this breed. Also, due to her anxiety and fear she always clung to my husband and me.

Since we started using the PetEase CBD oil, she is noticeably calmer around other people. Visitors to our house have actually been able to pat her and play with her. Also she is now sleeping better and heads down to her own bed on the floor of the bedroom and drops into a sound sleep. She still does not like going to the vet and gets agitated but not to the extent of cowering on my lap. She shows interest in other dogs and is friendly to others which is a big change as well. I think she is moving better, but the best and most wonderful change is seeing Clementine interact with people and other dogs without the intense anxiety and fear that she used to have.”

Pet: Hank, 13 year old Lab

Issues: Pain and limited mobility

Parent: Deb B.

“Our Lab, Hank, is 13 years old. He was diagnosed with laryngeal paralysis in early summer. In July, he started knuckling over on his right hind leg (I am married to a veterinary ophthalmologist). Laryngeal paralysis involves much more than just the larynx, it is a condition that involves all of the ‘long’ nerves, which explains the knuckling. Inflammation of the long nerves was causing Hank mobility and comfort issues. We tried a few things with minimal improvement. I was told last month I could no longer give Hank NSAID’s due to elevated liver enzymes, which added to my worry. Through friends, I learned about PetEase CBD Oil. Hank has been on this twice a day for almost 7 weeks. On day 4, he wanted to go with me on morning barn chores. On day 7 of CBD Oil, he broke into a canter for morning chores, which he hasn’t done in a long time! Is he 4 again, no. Is he comfortable and back to doing fun things in his world, YES. I love having him spend his special morning time with me in the barn.”

Pet: Cody, 13 year old Golden Retriever

Issues: Lymphoma

Parent: Tania G.

“Cody was diagnosed with lymphoma in December. He started a chemotherapy protocol which led to severe gastrointestinal problems, and he subsequently landed in the hospital for four days. He lost several pounds and was very weak when we brought him home. We decided we could not proceed with the chemotherapy and so our goal was to provide him with the best quality of life in the time he had left.

We believe we found the best way to achieve our goal thanks to PetEase and their CBD product. Within several days, we saw an increase in appetite. Several weeks out, he has gained back three pounds and continues to have a hearty appetite. He even runs around the house playing with his toys-something we didn’t think we would ever see him do again. The best part of CBD is that it is so easily administered! There are no shots or pills! We put a couple of drops on the inside of his ear twice a day. Perhaps there are also other reasons our dog is doing so well. However, we feel that the CBD is what is helping him and we are grateful to have it as an option.”

Pet: Sunny, 12 year old, Ragdoll cat

Issues: Anxiety, bladder infection, cough

Parent: Ali L.

“I adopted Sunny from an out-of-state rescue at age 5. He was declawed on all 4 paws and had been in and out of the shelter for reasons unknown. Once I got him home to my multi-cat household, the reason became clear. He was an anxious cat who peed and sprayed everywhere. Fairly soon after he was adopted, he had a urethral (urinary) blockage. He also had an intermittent cough that I figured would some day morph into full blown asthma.

His diet was changed to all canned food to support his bladder, yet he still sprayed. For years he’s been maintained on a low dose of Prozac but he would still have episodes of spraying when stressed. Little by little I increased the dose.  Sunny started the PetEase CBD 10 months ago. Since he eats everything in sight, I figured I could hide the liquid in his food. He instantly rejected the idea.  Since he’s on the Prozac and easy to administer pills to, I purchased size 2 (very small) gel capsules and combined the CBD oil and the smallest dose of Prozac in the capsules. I have only been dosing him once/day.  His episodes of spraying are virtually absent. He also rarely coughs. I believe the CBD old has helped him to relax and also cut some of the inflammation in his respiratory system. At some point, I will probably decrease or discontinue the Prozac.  I consider the CBD oil to be safe and I certainly consider Sunny to be a success story. Thank you PetEase Products!”

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